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I can’t say enough good about my experience with Medema Endodontics!!

Let me first tell you that I am not a regular dentist goer... HATE going to the dentist and surely never thought I’d ever give any dental office a good review; but here I am! :)

My experience here was Fabulous from start to finish; from scheduling my appointment to saying my happy...
I was very pleased with Dr. Medema, and his assistants during my root canal! They both did a great job of telling me all the steps that would be taken, answered any questions i had, and made me feel VERY comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Medema to any one looking for a kind, comfortable, stress free environment and a Dr. who does a fantastic job!
First time visiting your office. Staff was attentive, friendly, and skilled (except the person making the coffee this morning...much too strong). Dr. was efficient and careful, and treated hygienist professionally. Although I hope to not need further root canals, if I need one I would come back
Dr. Medema and Beth were great at keeping me calm and comfortable during my entire appointment. It was painless and they kept me smiling despite my root canal. Thank you!
I had a great experience, Beth was fantastic too! I will definitely recommend Dr. Medema!