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Dr. Medema did a excellent job and is very nice!

Woke up this morning with Zero pain, Wow. Thanks again for a job well done.
Dr. Medema and Beth were great at keeping me calm and comfortable during my entire appointment. It was painless and they kept me smiling despite my root canal. Thank you!
All I can say is my very difficult to diagnose dental situation was addressed with patience, knowledge and professionalism. Dr. Medema and his staff took extra time bringing me back to dental health. You have my recommendation.
I had a molar that was bothering me for a couple of months. The irritation of the nerves in the tooth was so bad that it caused my TMJ symptoms including occipital tension headaches to come on. I was miserable. My dentist said that I should go see an endodontist. I get nervous about receiving dental work and the thought of getting a root canal was very unnerving. Dr. Medema did a few X-rays and...