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I was referred to Dr. Medema for my very first root canal procedure in over six decades of very uneventful annual dental maintenance with several other general dentists. A root canal procedure versus an extraction (my initial preference) was strongly recommended by a highly regarded oral surgeon due to my current rather complex health situation. I was plenty apprehensive and reluctant up front...
Everyone was very nice, even though I was late getting there. Dr Medema was good at making me feel at ease and confident that I would experience no pain, and I didn’t! For something I was dreading, it was not a bad experience at all!
I was very satisfied with my experience at the office. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I felt that Dr. Medema was very informational and his shots were almost painless (and I hate Shots!) I would strongly recommend this office and staff to anyone.
No pain, not even the shots. Everything was explained. You guys are awesome.
First time visiting your office. Staff was attentive, friendly, and skilled (except the person making the coffee this morning...much too strong). Dr. was efficient and careful, and treated hygienist professionally. Although I hope to not need further root canals, if I need one I would come back